Wolfgang Kahle 

   Wolfgang Kahle , "Rapia", mixed media on canvas, 1995, 2x 70x100cm


Wolfgang Kahle, "Rapia", mixed media on canvas, 1995, 2x 70x100cm

Information about the artist:

Born in 1954, Wolfgang Kahle is one of the most outstanding artists that have been discovered by the Greis & Schiefer Online Gallery yet. His punchy and progressive style of painting is unparalleled in the scene so far. 

His works impress with clarity, a surprising openness and directness of expression. The painter Wolfgang Kahle is uncompromising in his artistic attitude. He respects picturesque tradition and yet leaves no doubt about its premise. Whether it is a delicate almost tender painting, calligraphic drawings, or a powerful black which he twisted and turned, the focus in his oil paintings and the diffuse background gives an idea of intoxicating speed: Wolfgang Kahle paints what he internally sees - with an efficiency that equally amazes and fascinates. The pictures represent an idea, an intuitive knowledge of the world, which is being translated by the artist in his own unique design language.
— Michaela Buchheister (ART PROFILE)

The first exhibition at Greis & Schiefer presents the most expressive works in his career and puts a clear emphasis on powerful colors, contrasts and progressive art.

His impressive artworks are inspired by both internal and external influences like his travels; such as his stay in China in 2012 (Art-reflection). In addition, Kahle participated in various children and youth projects and founded a painting school in 1988.

Other activities include:

  • Co-founder of the group "Art Asylum"
  • Project "Visual Music" in collaboration with Astrid Schmeling and Matthias Kaul
  • Initiator of "Winsener Culture Days"

The CD Cover project called "preserved" of the ensemble L’ART POUR L’ART was awarded with the “Echo Klassik” and the annual prize of the German Record Critics.

Kahle participated in several collaborations with fellow artists such as:

  • Jodd von Schaffstein, 
  • Matthias Kaul
  • Günter Ludwig
  • Martin Lühker

Recent Exhibitions:

  • "Museum of Aurum" Pescara, Italy
  • "The Space of the Ideal IV (Abstract Art in Modern Russia)" Moskau, Russia
  • "Demmin Schamuhn Museum“ Uelzen, Germany
  • "Kulturverein Großmoordamm“ Harburg, Germany
  • "Kunst- und Literaturwerkstatt“ Berlin, Germany
  • Opening of the "Levantehaus" in Hamburg, Germany
  • "Symposion Ponzano“ Italy
  • "Annaberg-Buchholz“ (Hommage für Carlfriedrich Claus)
  • "Brasilianischer Fußballverband“ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • "Museum für europäische Gegenwartskunst" Danzig, Poland
  • "Ambiente Frankfurt, Galerie Immoztion“ Mannheim, Germany


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