Sander Steins

"Bloodline", Sander Steins, mixed media on canvas, 70x100cm, 2015, 2.100,00 EUR

"Bloodline", Sander Steins, mixed media on canvas, 70x100cm, 2015, 2.100,00 EUR

Sander Steins (Nijmegen, Netherlands, 6 April 1974) grew up in a working-class family in the village of Berg en Dal, located in the wooded area south of his place of birth. As a child, he was always drawing and his copybooks were filled more with doodles and drawings than with writing. From an early age he was fascinated by forests that surrounded him, and by the industrial landscapes of the Ruhr Area, not far from where he lived.

After Steins dropped out of art school, in the 1990s Steins he held several jobs, ranging from stock manager in a grocery store to night porter at a juvenile prison. During this decade creativity was simmering. However, the introduction of the Internet and digital camera rekindled his creativity. In 2004 he fully focused on photography. At first he mainly worked with models, but later he returned to his old favorite themes of forests and industry.

That was also the time he rediscovered his love for drawing. Photographs were frequently mixed with drawn and painted elements, first digitally but later also with acrylic paint, charcoal and ink on materials such as paper, canvas and wood panels. In 2009 he held his first solo exhibition in Beek-Ubbergen (Netherlands).

In 2012 he started to collaborate with French artist Marijah Bac Cam under the project name: “21358SMart”. In 2014 this project was awarded with the “Art award of Fürstenwalde” (Germany) and the “Prix” during the Salon Réalités Nouvelles in Paris (France). In addition to this he participated in many group exhibitions all over the world, including cities like Berlin (Germany), Los Angeles (USA) and Beijing (China), and his work was published in various media, including Cosmopolitan Hong Kong en Advanced Photoshop.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection):

  • 2013 “Selected Works”, Klein Podium, Novio Arte, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
  • 2009 “Fragments”, Studiekunst, Beek/Ubbergen (Netherlands)
  • 2009 “Elements”, Royal Haskoning, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2015 “Art Connection 15”, Aswara Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • 2014 - 2015 “Focus Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope”, curated by Nicole Royse, Shade Gallery/monOrchid, Phoenix (USA)
  • 2014 “1 ère édition de la Triennale Internationnale Prix Constraste”, Galerie Contraste, Fribourg (Switzerland)
  • 2014 “4e biennale SUDestampe”, Galerie la Salamandre , Nîmes (France)
  • 2014 “RN Structure”, Guoyi Art Museum, National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing (China)
  • 2014 “Focus On Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope”, curated by Dr. Vanessa Davidson, Gabriela Muñoz and Averi Gutiérrez, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix (USA)
  • 2014 “8. Ausstellung Miniatur in der bildenden Kunst”, Galerie Altes Rathaus, Fürstenwalde (Germany)
  • 2014 “Salon Réalités Nouvelles”, Paris (France)
  • 2014 “From Dolce Vita To The Great Beauty”, Rome (Italy)
  • 2014 “Art Crasher”, Venice Arts Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2014 “48 Stunden Nuekölln”, Berlin (Germany)
  • 2014 “Borders”, Central Station, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2014“Su/Water”, KargART, Istanbul (Turkey)

Press / Publications (Selection):

  • 2015 Ghost Magazine online 15 June (UK)
  • 2015 Empty Mirror Magazine online 21 April (USA)
  • 2014, “21358SMart Des lectures miniatures du monde” by art critic Christian Gattinoni, 10/11 (France)
  • 2014 Artension, Hors Série n14 "Abstraction", p.76 (France)
  • 2014 Chip Foto/Video nr. 77, p. 80-85 (Netherlands)
  • 2014 Art Move, Issue 3, cover and p. 08-09 (USA)
  • 2014 ARTiculAction, January issue, p. 40-49 (Italy)
  • 2013 Sander Steins, iARTistas, #5, p. 52-57 (USA)

Awards/ Recognitions:

  • 2014 Prix at Salon Réalités Nouvelles (France)
  • 2014 Kunstpreis der Stadt Fürstenwalde (Germany) / 1st art prize of the city Fürstenwalde (Germany)
  • 2012 Color Awards Photo Masters Cup, 5th Edition,Honorable Mention in the category Architecture

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