Michele Senesi

Michele Senesi’s paintings are concrete pictures of urban life.
— Moray Mair

Born in 1972 Michele Senesi lives and works in Pisa, Italy. His paintings are formal, concrete, minimal, rooted in the primeval urge to create universal symbols that represent the urban experience. The selection of monochrome colors for example gives his artworks a unique substance to their meaning.

Greis & Schiefer is proud to present Senesi as new artist and exhibit a selection of his finest artworks.

Senesi is a lover of the act of creating art, a painter who revels in color and material, who recognizes that his urge to understand himself through expressive painting is the ultimate articulation of life and experience, its sorrows, joys and fantasies. This determination to explore his relationship to the world through painting and collage is a necessity for him. It propels him forward through his own being and into the deep creative well of humanity. Painting being the ultimate expression of our soul and our passage through life.

This philosophy and determination to subsume his life into art, to distil his experiences and emotional responses to everything around him, gives Senesi a path to follow, a star to reach. His use of acrylic, oil stick, enamel, collage, charcoal, sellotape, canvas and paper, his food and water, his sustenance to keep him going, as he makes his way through the world of art and image making is unparalleled.

In my opinion painting will never die. I think that in the history of the world, painting is the ultimate expression of humanity and its passage on the earth. Painting is the highest form of art, the oldest and the most modern. You can find an entire universe within a single image or discover many others at the same time.
— Michele Senesi

Recent Exhibitions:

  • Quantum Gravity Marzia Frozen Gallerie, Berlin (Germany)
  • Works in the vein of “De Stijl” Saatchiart Gallery Chief Curator: Bridget Carron, Los Angeles (USA)
  • ArtBrescia Biennale dell’arte Contemporanea, Brescia (Italy)
  • Say it…Don’t Spray it! Parlor Gallery, New Jersey (USA)


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