Mauro C. Martinez


Born and raised on the Texas-Mexican border, Mauro C. Martinez is a keen observer of large-scale social patterns and their often very contradictory natures. His large canvases impress by their grim irony, varied palette and unusual combination of contrasting ideas. They challenge us to figure out the unities underlying his work.

Politically, Martinez aims at the Western society as a whole, while aesthetically confronting the Western art in all its imperial authority.  Martinez seems to harbor an immense and undeclared desire to unite a broken social order with a transcendent and definitive visual unity. 

His canvases are striking and contain various metaphors producing an ironic, hovering sense of what Martinez describes as troubled times.

Being a very multifaceted artist, Martinez creates very different art for different places and purposes. From museums and doctor's offices to memes, the aisles of Walmart and down into airport terminals he fascinates the spectators of his artworks.

Greis & Schiefer is proud to present a selection of his most outstanding artworks.


Recent exhibitions (selection):

2016 "The Birth of the Clinic", Svper Ordinary, Denver, USA

2015 "Behold The Man", Space Gallery, Laredo, USA

2015 "347 Clarence", 347 Clarence Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


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