Marc Schmitz


Marc Schmitz, *1963 in Hamburg, is a Berlin based artist. He studied Philosophy at Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich), FU Berlin, at the Fine Art Academy Munich (Prof. Klaus vom Bruch) as well as at New Media Academy Berlin. His works have been exhibited internationally at multiple institutions such as the Busan Biennial (2004) in Korea, the Beijing Biennale, China (2005), the National Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2008), the Sculpture Quadrennial Riga, Latvia (2008), the Zendai MoMA in Shanghai, China, Land Art New Mexico, U.S.A., the State Academy of Arts in Baku, Azerbaijan (solo exhibition) the Concert Hall of Perth (2010 solo exhibition), the TEDA Museum of Contemporary art in Tianjin (2015 solo exhibition) and serves as director of the Biennial Land Art Mongolia. His work was awarded with multiple awards, among them the first prize Art For Expo 2000 World Expo in Germany and with the prize of the jury at the 10th Cairo Biennial 2007. Marc Schmitz has participated at the 2013 and the 2015 Editions of the Venice Biennale, Italy. His works are part of international collections such as WSI New York, The National Art Museum Beijing, or Swatch Collection in Shanghai.

My recent projects have focused on finding and interpreting unclaimed or contested public space(s) and on reading the importance of the spatial relationship to both personal and shared-­ cultural memory. The stories told in those contested spaces reveal alternate possibilities for the human experience – and particularly our experience of urban zones. My work is oriented toward the public realm, is collaborative more than it is ‘interactive,’ relies on ethnographic and art-­historical research, and takes advantage of both contemporary and historical forms of artistic media.
— Marc Schmitz

Schmitz offers the spectators a rare glance into the openness of the space where exchanges (the effect of cancellation via identical values) create a flattening of the hierarchical status of objects, suggesting a return to a featureless and primary space. Greis & Schiefer is proud to present a carefully chosen selection of artworks by Marc Schmitz that reflect his collective work.  

With his nonrepresentational paintings, Marc Schmitz takes a position emphatically distinguished from the prevailing trends in current painting and, at the same time, picks up a tradition that started at the beginning of the last century and has evoked controversial disputes up to the present. […] He is equally interested in the demonstration of the body-like presence of paints, their consistency, their emotional aura, and their mutual influence. He applies them over each other in many layers, observes the behavior of each layer, and then modifies their appearance with renewed intervention until the result expresses his idea. […] Schmitz confronts the viewer with a kind of painting that tells us about itself, the concrete inherent life of its ingredients, the criteria of its sensitive and mutable materiality, and its manipulability, a kind of painting that expands the field of perception by provoking the senses.
— Excerpt from “Painting as Process” by Dr. Jürgen Schilling


Recent Exhibitions:


  • TEDA Contemporary Art Museum Tianjin, China (solo)
  • 56th Venice Biennial, Palazzo Zorzi
  • Galerie Seitz & Partner
  • TRIO Bienal, Rio de Janeiro
  • Nakanojo Biennale, Japan


  • Goethe Institute, Hong Kong
  • FACES & TRACES, Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai
  • Land Art Mongolia, 3rd Biennial
  • Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin


  • Moproo Gallery, Shanghai (solo)
  • Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin
  • Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Il Palazzo Enciclopedico 55th Venice Biennial
  • UBE Biennale, Tokinawa Museum, Ube Japan


  • Creative Cities, Olympic Fine Arts, The Barbican Center, London
  • Turgut Pura art prize, Sculpture & Paintings Museum, Izmir
  • Galerie am Damm, Dresden (solo)
  • 2nd Land Art Biennial LAM360°, National Mongolian Modern Art Gallery
  • Art & Politics, Museo de Arquitectura Leopold Rother, Bogotá (solo)
  • Art Ignites Life - Hongqiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
  • Zhuqizhan Art Museum, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai


  • EDEN Galerie Kai Hilgemann (solo)
  • Condensation, Museo Borgo di Clauiano, Trivignano, Italy


  • Concert Hall Perth, Berlin Dayz, Australia (solo)
  • Land Art Biennial, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery
  • Art Center Koldo, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2010
  • Neue Räume, Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin
  • INDIAN BLEND, Gallery Alexandra Saheb, Berlin


  • Richard Levy Gallery, Land/Art New Mexico, USA
  • National Academy of Arts Baku, Azerbaijan (solo)
  • The Mobile Spaces - Border, Concentart Berlin
  • Geumgang Biennale, Museum of Gongju, South Korea
  • KAISERDAMM, Galerie Ulf Wetzka, Berlin


  • Spaces, Zendai MoMA Shanghai
  • Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga 2008, Latvia


  • 10th International Cairo Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo Egypt
  • Räume – Kraftfelder, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin



  • Finalist Public Art Award IAPA Hong Kong 2015
  • Prize of Turgut Pura Foundation 2012
  • Prize of the Jury for realized work, 10th Cairo Int. Biennale, 2006
  • Special Selection - Busan Biennale Organizing Committee 2004
  • 1. Prize ART FOR EXPO 2000 (international Goethe Institute Award)
  • VII China Art Exposition International (1998)


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